• eProfile Child Abductions

    Prepare and Protect your family with the most advanced data system to aid in the recovery of missing or abducted children.

    For as little as $7.95 per month.*
    * Price per month for CrisisGuard’s eProfile® Basic subscription plan.

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  • eDocStorage eDocStorage

    When disaster strikes, the last thing you should worry about is your paperwork. CrisisGuard's eDocStorage is a service that digitally stores and protects your most sensitive documents against their loss in the event of a disaster.

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  • eLearning eLearning

    CrisisGuard offers you an online learning experience to help members educate themselves on how to protect their family and friends. Our eLearning training modules have been developed by our own professionals - experts in law enforcement, security and clinical and criminal psychology.

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  • For any emergency to be handled effectively, there must be the proper mix of information, responders and time. CrisisGuard is a must.

    - Forensic Psychologist, Los Angeles

  • We never seem to have enough information when things fall apart. This type of service is absolutely a must have for any parent or school.

    - CT Police Officer, FBI Liaison

  • The content within CrisisGuard’s educational courses is excellent, well researched and timely. Parent’s should rest assured that the information they are getting will make a difference.

    - Child Psychotherapist, New York

  • CrisisGuard's products are so inexpensive relative to the value they provide. How could any parent choose not to sign up?

    - Mother of 2, New York

  • As a police officer in Connecticut, I fully endorse the use of CrisisGuard’s eProfile. It’s a service that we should have had years ago. I’ve already committed to sign my entire family up for it

    - CT Police Officer and Security Expert

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What is CrisisGuard?

CrisisGuard is a provider of services that help families, individuals and businesses prepare for and mitigate crisis events.

Our flagship product is the eProfile™: a proprietary collection of organized, encrypted data that can be used to help recover missing or abducted children, elderly or Alzheimer’s patients. In conjunction, we offer secure online file storage for your most sensitive and important documents.

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Data Security

Using military-grade encryption and security techniques that surpass those used by most banks and financial institutions, CrisisGuard is committed to the safekeeping of your personal information.

CrisisGuard has implemented this level of security and data protection while maintaining a cost that is affordable to virtually everyone.

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CrisisGuard's Free eNetwork

Join CrisisGuard's Free eNetwork

CrisisGuard's eNetwork is group of individuals and businesses that are proactive in helping the families of missing children.

You can join in our fight against these frightening situations by simply signing up to receive an email or text message whenever a child is reported missing in your immediate area.